Construction 2005  
August 8, 2005
This year I started collecting bowling balls early. But how do you make a bowling ball look cool? Paint it to look like a granite boulder! After painting, the balls were given a coat of polyurethane to protect the finish.
Last year the winches required a lot of labor to do any work. Bigger is better, so work was begun on the new design. The concept is an open-framework squirrelcage. At 5' diameter, these will provide twice the leverage we had available with the old winches.
Since I've not been happy with all the hardware showing on the treb, I decided to try and make these closer to medieval design. All of the joints on these winches have been pegged and glued.  
Nearing completion. The winch was propped up for a spin-test. Everything looks great so far! Unfortunately these are a bit too small for me to walk inside. What to do? Ah-ha -- Cheap labor!

September 3, 2005
All the new parts are built. We set up for test-firing and rigged new lines where they were needed. Sighting down the range.
For some reason, we always draw a crowd... :-) Don't look up!
Locked and loaded It's a beautiful site indeed